Visa to Cameroon for Nordic and Baltic citizens

Welcome to the Consulate General of Cameroon, Stockholm

The consulate is open Monday - Thursday 09.00-16.00. Fridays are closed. If you want to book a personal meeting you are welcome to contact us to set up an appointment. Drop-ins are not accepted. 

The consulate is closed for express- and telephone service the following dates. Visa applications by post and courier will be issued as normal. 
26 feb - 2 march
21-22 march 2018
28 march - 2 april 2018 (Easter)
30 april - 1 may 2018
9-13 may 2018
6-7 june 2018
21-22 june 2018

The next time the embassy in London will come for a visit to central Stockholm the information will be posted here

Passports ready to collect

The list of passports made in May and ready to collect can be found by clicking hereSo far we have no information regarding when the passports made in November will arrive. 

Frequently asked questions, please click links below for information. 
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Have you issued my visa?
I need the tracking ID of the return envelope