Cameroonian passport

If you want to renew your cameroonian passport, or apply for a new one, please contact the Cameroon High Commission in London

tel. +44 207 727 0771

84 Holland Park, W113SB London, UK

The consulate in Sweden is not able to renew or make new Cameroonian passports.

Collecting passports and birth certificates made at the embassy visit in Stockholm

You may collect the passports and birth certificates in person at Budcentralen, Lokstallsgatan 9 (the visiting address in Stockholm) during office hours 08.00-16.00, no appointment needed. You must bring the original receipt. Do not send letters to the visiting address, they will not be delivered.

You may also send the original receipt by post to the postal address in Brottby together with a self addressed return envelope. The return envelope must also have stamps for registered mail (rekommenderad post), and the passport will then be posted back to you. The amount of stamps needed is 90,- kr for each passport within Sweden or a payment of 125,- Skr for Norway/Finland.  
Postal address:
Consulate General of Cameroon,
Sundby 73
S-186 70 Brottby

Passports ready for collection in Stockholm:

Passports september 2019JPG

Ready to collect aug 19JPG

List of birth certificates ready for collection:


List of passports made at earlier embassy visits: 




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Next time the Embassy will visit Sweden you will find information here