Express visa

The consulate offers 1 day express service for an extra fee of 200,- Skr for each visa.
The express service is not available during the dates of the Christmas or summer vacation, see the home page. 


  • Contact the Consulate by e-mail and make an appointment for the wanted day of the express visa. Not all days are available for express service. Wait for a confirmation by e-mail. 
  • Follow the visa- and payment instructions, and add 200 Skr for each express visa.
  • Choose delivery option
  • Choose return option
  • Make sure you use the correct address, see page 3 of the visa application form.
 Delivery options:

By registered mail, please send the application to the postal address by registered mail only. (The tracking ID should start with RR or RA.)
Important: You may not send by insured value mail or "carry on cash", if the tracking code starts with VV or LX, the application can not be collected by the consulate. 

In person, please bring the application to the visiting/courier address. The application has to be put inside an envelope marked Cameroon Consulate before handing it over to Budcentralen. If also picking up in person, please enclose a return envelope with your name, marked "Pick-up Budcentralen". The return envelope must be a separate one. 

By courier, please use the visiting/courier address. Important: you may not send couriers to the postal address.

Return options:

By registered mail, please include a self addressed envelope. No stamps are needed within the Nordic region. The recipient has to be able to show ID when collecting the return envelope.

In person, please include a return envelope with you name and marked ”Pick up Budcentralen”.
If the application has been dropped off before 11.00 on the day of the express visa appointment, it can be picked up after 14.00 at the visiting/courier address.
If the application has been dropped off later than 11.00, it can be picked up the following workday at the visiting/courier address.

By courier, please include a self addressed courier approved return envelope and a completely filled and signed shipment waybill. Use the visiting/courier address. The consulate does not have a printer, and is unable help with any printing of waybills. By sending an email to the consulate, you will get a reply when the visa has been issued.  You must contact, pay and arrange the pick-up by courier yourself. The courier may not send waybills by email to the consulate for printing, they must bring them along when they pick up.