Frequently asked questions

Has my visa application arrived to the consulate?

Please track your registered letter yourself by the tracking ID on the Swedish PostNord website . If the status is ”utlämnad” the application has been picked up by the consulate and will be returned within 3 days. The consulate mail is picked up twice per week.
If you still need to contact the consulate regarding this question – please send us an email. Do not call. 

Have you issued my visa?

The consulate issues visas twice per week. They will be posted back within 3 days after the applications has arrived at the consulate.

I need the tracking ID of the return envelope

Please send an email to the consulate with this request. Please provide the names exactly as in the passport,  the name and address on the return envelope and the date the application was picked up by the consulate. We will answer by email within a few days. Please do not call. The email address to the consulate can be found here