Visa and payment information

Fill in and sign the application form. Follow the checklist on page 2 of the visa application. 
Choose delivery option
Choose return option
Make sure you use the correct address when sending or delivering the application.   Do not send by "carry on cash", or as a parcel from Norway. They will get stuck in customs, and returned back to you. The consulate does not pay the customs fee. 
Do not send normal or registered mail to the visiting address in Stockholm. It will not be delivered. 
All normal and registered mail should be sent to the postal address. 
The visiting address is for personal visits and couriers only.

The visa will be issued within 3 days after it has arrived at the consulate. For faster service please read the
express visa instructions.  Please note the dates for summer vacation when the consulate is closed on the home page. 

The visa is valid from the date of issue. The visa must be used within three months from the date of issue. The consulate will not put future dates in the visa. After you receive the passport back, you must check so you have a correct and valid visa before your trip. If the visa needs to be corrected, the consulate will do so, but cannot take responsible for any upcoming costs. The consulate does not take any economic responsibility if the passport should be delivered late by post or courier. 


All payments has to be in SEK. Payments in Euro or NOK are not accepted since they cause additional bank fees for the consulate. 
The fee for each visa:

Single entry:

up to 3 months     780 SEK
up to 6 months   1080 SEK
up to 12 months    1380 SEK

Multiple entry:
up to 3 months   1080 SEK
up to 6 months   1380 SEK
up to 12 months    1680 SEK

It's the same fee for children and adults.

Payments within Sweden: 
PlusGiro 74008-4
OCR: write the name in the passport. If you are sending many passports together, it's enough to write one of the names. 
Payment from outside Sweden:
IBAN: SE36 9500 0099 6026 0074 0084
Bank name: Nordea
Address: S-105 71 Stockholm, Sweden
All bank fees has to be payed by the sender. 

You may not pay corresponding amount in Euro, NOK or other currencies. Please note the payment has to be exact and in SEK. Ask your bank for instructions.
For payment in cash, please enclose the exact amount in SEK,.
Please note that Budcentralen at the visiting/courier address is not able to handle cash, give receipts or hand out free envelopes to the consulate visitors.