Consular Services

Welcome to the Consulate General of Cameroon, Stockholm

The consulate is open for telephone service Monday - Thursday 09.00-15.00. Fridays, weekends and public holidays are closed. Meetings by appointment only. 


The Consulate in Stockholm does no longer issue visas for travellers to Cameroon.  

E-visas to Cameroon

A new online system for visas is launched, and all travellers should apply for the visas that way. The Consulate in Stockholm is not involved in the visa process and is not able to assist with payment problems or technical issues. More information regarding the e-visa system can be found here. For all questions regarding the new online visa system please contact the Cameroon High Commission or send email to


Consulate dates of service 2023

The consulate is closed
2-4 October
27 October - 5 November


Label for registered mail (PostNord) within EU
Label for registered mail (PostNord) outside EU

Labels by PostNord: Please print and attach the return label securely to an envelope and include together with your application. We are not able to print it for you if you send the label by e-mail, or if you only send the receipt or QR-code.  

Label for return by DHL
Labels by DHL: just include the label together with your application. A courier envelope is not needed. 


Stockholm Embassy visit

During the embassy visit you will be able to apply for Cameroonian passports and birth certificates. The date for the next visit to Stockholm is not decided yet.   More information can be found  here All questions regarding the embassy visit and the passport process should be directed to the Cameroon High Commission (London) mail or phone number. No additional information can be given by tne Consulate in Stockholm. 

Passports ready to collect

The passports made at the embassy visits until June 2023 are ready. The instructions of collection by post or courier can be found here