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Emergency Travel Document - Laissez Passer

In view of the growing requests for Emergency Travel Documents (Laissez-passer), Cameroonians in the Scandinavian countries are hereby reminded of international regulations governing the issuance of travel documents.

The Emergency Travel Document or “Laissez Passer” is an emergency passport to enable travellers who have lost their passports to return to their home countries. It is also issued to people without any valid resident permit who want to return home for good.

It should not be used to escape the vigilance of immigration authorities after overstaying in the country one wishes to travel from. Residents cannot apply for a Travel Document except in exceptional circumstances to be appreciated on a case by case basis.

The Consulate is reviewing its procedures with regards to Travel Documents and will no longer automatically issue them to people who claim that their passports have expired and who just want to go home for some reasons.

Cameroonians are exhorted to keep track of the validity of their passports as they do for their visas and renew them in time to avoid disappointments. 

A Laissez Passer has a process time of one week at the Consulate. 

A Laissez Passer is valid one month from the date of issue. 

A Laissez Passer is only valid for one trip to Cameroon, no other countries.