Visa to Cameroon

Visa applications in November and December

Normal visas will be issued within 3 days after the application has arrived to the consulate.  In November and December it can take a few days longer due to the big number of incoming visa applications. 

Express visa service
The consulate has very limited possibility to offer express service with visas issued the same day. Please contact the consulate by e-mail to make an appointment. This option is 200 SEK extra for each visa, and only available after a confirmed appointment. Appointments can not be made by phone. 

All mail should be sent to the postal address in Brottby. Normal or registered. 
All post skall skickas till postadressen i Brottby.  Normal eller rekommenderad. 

If you want to be able to track your letter, send it by registered mail. 
Om du vill kunna spåra ditt brev, skicka det med rekommenderad post. 

Do not send couriers, normal or registered mail to the former visiting address in  central Stockholm. It will not be delivered. 
Skicka inte bud eller rekommenderad post till den tidigare besöksadressen i centrala Stockholm. Den delas inte ut och kan inte hämtas av konsulatet. 

If sending by courier to the address in Brottby, use only DHL Express. Read more here. 
Använd endast DHL Express, ingen annan budfirma. Läs mer här

Do not send anything by "carry on cash" or value parcels from Norway. It will get stuck in customs and not be released by the consulate. 
Skicka inte något med "carry on cash" eller som värdepaket från Norge. De kommer fastna i tullen och inte lösas ut av konsulatet. 

Do not send anything by "insured value mail", it will end up at a post office with special signing rights 10 km away and will not be picked up by the consulate. 
Skicka inte brev med "Insured value", de kommer hamna på ett postkontor med speciell signering 10 km bort och inte hämtas ut av konsulatet. 

Do not put any cash or value in letters from Norway, it will get stuck in customs, and will not be released by the Consulate. 
Skicka inte kontanter eller annat värde i brev från Norge, det finns en stor risk att brevet fastnar i tullen, och kommer inte lösas ut av konsulatet.