Visa while you wait

The Consulate offers visas while you wait at the address in Brottby on a few dates. 

All forms needs to be filled in, signed and put inside an envelope or a folder with your name on before handing it to the consulate staff.  The photo needs to be securely fastened to the application form. Do not use paper clips. 

If you pay cash, it must be in the exact amount. The consulate does not accept payment by credit cards. Payment by Swish is ok. The consulate is not able to print anything for you during the visit.

After handing the application to the consulate staff you may wait in the garden or in your car. When the visa is issued the envelope will be handed back to you. 
No other consular services are offered this day, only visas. 
You do not need an appointment, just show up. 

The previous opportunity was 7 May, and the next date in 2023 is not decided yet:

The address: 

Consulate General of Cameroon
Sundby Gård

Sundby 73
186 70 Brottby

Use this link for information regarding public transport to Brottby.  Or download the app "Res i Sthlm" on your phone.